“Allow Us to Help You Settle the Estate”

“Thank you for reaching out to us. My name is Jose R Torres and my real estate company JRT Home Solutions, LLC specializes in buying and fixing distressed properties across Florida and buying quickly and in cash when needed. Selling probate, trust, or conservatorship real property (real estate) is not a job for your average real estate professional.”

Most real estate agents and professionals are accustomed to selling a property through a traditional sale and do not understand the legal complexities that go into selling a probate, trust, or conservatorship. At JRT Home Solutions, LLC, we have the knowledge to help protect your clients’ interests. Our team of local professionals will help the Executor/Executrix reach their goals of settling the Estate.

As one of the premier attorneys in the area, I am certain that you occasionally work with clients who may need to sell their properties quickly and would like to save on the brokerage fee.  I know your time is very valuable and I can guarantee to have two written offers for your client within 24 hours of viewing the property.

Furthermore, I understand that frequently your fees are dependent on the proceeds from the sale of the property and I can assure you that our company is capable and prepared to close within few days after the offer is accepted.  We currently purchase properties throughout the state and when required, we are financially equipped to close with cash.

I believe that our services can be of great value to your firm and we look forward to doing business with you in the near future.


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